A Jericho4Kids Interview with

Sterling Ardrey  

Sterling plays Samuel Hawkins on Jericho.  He loves acting and sports.  Sterling is a talented actor that stars in Jericho and is in a recently released movie called First Sunday. Check out this kcool interview with a kcool cast member from Jericho!!  Happy 11th Birthday Sterling!! And thanks for taking the time to chat with me, it was super fun!!


Hi, you ready?………

I’m ready.

Where were you born?

In Los Angeles, Southern California.

 What was your favorite cartoon when you were a kid?

I think it is probably the Justice League.

What do you like so much about that? 

  I like Super Heroes and since my name starts with an S I have a bunch of Superman Stuff.

Do you have a tree house? 


Would you want one?


How would you make it? 

Probably do it like everybody else does it buy all the wood and hammer the nails.

  Are there a lot of trees in California?


  Who is your favorite singer?

  That would probably be, I would say, my favorite singer is probably, hmmm,  Al Green.

What is your favorite song?

  My favorite song right now? My favorite song that is out right now is probably “Picture Perfect ”.

  What’s your favorite color?


  Oh same for Brad Beyer.

  What’s your favorite month?


  Why is that your favorite?

Well, I guess since that’s around Christmas time and that’s when everybody puts up their lights and it nice and all that.

  Yeah that used to be my favorite month too.

  Do you have any pets?


  If you did, what would you want?

  Umm, I would like a dog.

  Hmm. What would you name the dog?

I guess it would be a girl and I would name it Lena.


Do you have any siblings?


  What’s your favorite thing about California?

  Probably the sunny weather and the beaches and all that, it’s a nice place.

    Yeah, when we went to California it was beautiful and we had so much fun.

  Do you like to read?


What’s your favorite book?

  Bud, Not Buddy.

What is your favorite series of books?

  Series, probably Little Bill.

I kind of like the Bailey’s School Kids.

  I’ve changed my mind a few times about what I want to be when I grow up.

  What do you want to be when you grow up?

I’m not really sure, I haven’t even thought about that, I like acting and I play sports.

If you could play in any movie what would it be?

Any movie?

I would probably want to do Pirates of the Caribbean.

  Would you want to be a new character or who would you want to play?

  I’d probably want to be a new character, probably one of the pirates that fight with Jack Sparrow.

  Who inspired you the most about acting?

  Probably my mom.


  She acted when she was younger and she used to model and she really helped me get into it.

  She gives me pointers and stuff and helps me out.

What do you like most about acting?

  Acting is very, it really challenges you but in a good way, very fun.

  Have you ever been in any commercials?  And which one did you like the most?

  McDonald’s was the most recent commercial I have done but the one I like the most is the Lowe’s Commercial because it ran for a long time, like a year and a half.

  Do you like the clothes that they give you to wear on Jericho?


  If you could take some home would you?

Laughs, Yeah, probably.

  If you could pick any character on Jericho to play who would it be?

The character that plays my dad, Lennie James, I like his character, he’s sneaky and you never know what he is going to do next.

  Yeah, we met him and he is really funny.

  Are you a lot like Samuel?

  Umm, I guess yes, cool kid, I can’t say that I am as quiet as Samuel, I talk a lot.

  What is your favorite thing about working on Jericho?

  The cast and how everybody connects and all that.Like the girl that plays my sister, Jazz, me and her are really nice friends now, and also Darcy and everyone on the cast are really nice and stuff.

I hear Richard likes to play pranks on the cast members, has Richard ever played a prank on you?

  No, it’s hard to pull a prank on me.  Laughs.

  Has anyone ever played a prank back on him?

  Not that I have heard of but I would probably try.  Laughs

  What is your favorite part of Hawkins house?

  The house is not a real house it’s just a studio but I guess the favorite part is the area of the basement, because that’s where Hawkins has all of the secret spy stuff and all that.

Yeah, I remember I walked up the stairs and it went to nowhere.

  I like to ride my scooter, what is your favorite, your bike, your scooter, what do you like to ride?


  I heard that like Lennie would ride on a scooter and he sings, what songs does he sing?

  I can’t really tell, I don’t really know many of the songs, but I guess he sings a lot of classics.

  Can you talk in a British accent like Lennie?

  I don’t think so.

Hmmm.  What’s your favorite thing about the set?

  I would have to say the catering, the food, they really have good food.

  That’s what my brother would love.  Giggles.  Laughs.

  Are you in the new episodes? 

Yes, one.

  When I visited the set the food was so good, I loved the spaghetti and I loved the strawberries, they were so good.


What is your favorite food?

I like the pies, cakes and ice cream, stuff like that.

  Your character has a sister on the show, after a while does it start to seem like she is your sister in real life?


  What are you hobbies?

  Well acting of course.I play sports basketball, football, soccer,  roller hockey. I also like to dance and sing.

  Umm, how did you get your part of Samuel on Jericho?

  Went to auditions, it wasn’t that easy, there was a big line of kids, but very grateful that I got the chance to work on the show, it’s wonderful.

  Yeah, you do a great job.

  Thank You.

  What do you think makes Jericho a family show?

  It really shows like when you see where the family is together, like how Jake, even though everybody in his family is an adult, when you see that his family is together and they had those dad and son moments and all that.  It really shows you what a family can do for each other and how they take care of each other.

  Who do you think is the funniest person on the set and why?

  Probably Lennie, probably because Lennie is just Lennie, both laugh.

  If you could say one sentence to the fans what would you say?

  Never give up and give it all you’ve got.

I hear you are in a movie that just came out, want to talk about that a little?  What’s the name of it?

 First Sunday.

First Sunday at Imdb.com

  Tell me a little bit about what the movie is about?

  It’s a comedy.  Very funny movie.  It just came out January 11th.  Yeah it was fun working with Tracy Morgan, Katt Williams, Ice Cube, everybody on set.

  Which one was the funniest? 

Everybody was funny in their own way, everybody had their own style, but if I had to say who was the funniest it would probably be between Katt Williams and Tracy Morgan.

What is the funniest mess up you have ever had making Jericho?

  Probably once when I was in this scene, it was a serious scene but I couldn’t help it and I just broke out laughing.

  What type of shows do you like to work on?

  Probably comedy and action.

Your mom said that you have a lot of projects you are working on, tell me about those?

I read the scenes of this one kid, in a movie coming out next year; the table read was great and the role was a nice stretch for me.

Neat. Can you tell me anything about that?

The movie is called, “The Dream Keeper”  and it is about this girl that plays my friend and I don’t want to give too much away but the girl,  her mom hasn’t been exactly the best parent and stuff and I play her best friend.

  Sounds kinda sad.


What is the hardest part about your job of acting?

  You get a little tired at the end of the day.

Is it hard for you to remember all of the lines?


  What do you think about season two of Jericho?

  Definitely going to be big!

Are there going to be a lot of surprises?

  Yes, a lot of stuff that you didn’t think they were going to have in the show is going to end up popping up in season two.

Sounds interesting.  Which episode do you think will be the best in season two?

  I think all of the episodes are going to be great.

  Do you think it will get renewed for another season?


  If you could say one thing about Jericho what would it be?

Great show, Great cast, very interesting, funny, action, little sad at times but good.

I have fun game if you want to play.


I say a name and you say the first word that you think of……
Carol Barbie…..funny
Kenneth Mitchell…..sharp
Skeet Ulrich…..funny
Richard Speight Jr.………funny
Dan Shotz………funny
Bob Stephenson….smart
April Parker…….funny
Lennie James…….outgoing
Now I am going to say two words and you pick the one you like best.
Dog or cat…….dog
Age 15 or 30…..15
Rollercoaster or Ferris wheel…… Rollercoaster
Jump Rope or Tetherball……Jump rope
Internet or Newspaper…… Internet
Steak or Chicken….. Chicken
Moon or Stars…..Stars
Cake or Ice Cream….Ice Cream

Thanks for doing this interview.

  You're welcome.

Nice talking to you.

Nice talking to you too.