A Jericho4Kids Interview
Richard Speight Jr.

Richard plays Deputy Bill on Jericho!!  Richard is awesome!  I was lucky enough to get to meet him on the set of Jericho and he is sooooo fun and especially nice too!!

What was it like driving the tank?  Did it require special training?
Sadly, I didn’t get to drive the tank. Trained tank drivers did that. I just popped out of the top of the tank and acted like I had driven it. Fooled you, huh?

Have you ever been filming a scene and the electricity went out in the middle of it, if so, what happened next? Um, no…I can’t say that that’s ever happened. Although one time when I was in my trailer, Lennie ran in, flipped off the lights, and stole my wallet.
Have you always wanted to be an actor?  If not, what did you want to be? 

I’ve wanted to be an actor ever since I was a little boy. I also wanted to be a professional musician, but I’m not very good so that wasn’t really an option.
How old were you when you had your first acting job and what was it? I did a few local commercials and appeared in a few cable movies in Nashville, TN, where I grew up. But the first substantial job I had was in the American cinematic classic“Ernest Goes to Camp.” I was 16.
When you were a kid what was your favorite sport and why? I loved playing basketball and football and did so all through high school. I loved baseball as well until a ball hit me in the face and broke my nose. That soured the whole experience for me.
When you were a kid what was your favorite TV show and/or cartoon?
Favorite show:  Happy Days
Favorite cartoon:  Bugs Bunny

What one scene do you like most from Jericho? And why?
I like the scene in the final episode of season 1 where Johnston and Jake talk outside Eric’s wedding, then Johnston and Jake’s grandfather walk off, leaving Jake alone. I found the entire verbal exchange and the visual ending of Johnston and his dad disappearing into the darkness incredibly well done. The scene was, in my opinion, poetic.
Is it hard to play a deputy on Jericho?  Did you research your part beforehand?
No and no.
Who is the biggest practical joker on the set of Jericho?  What was the funniest trick they played?  I am, and I can’t tell you the funniest trick I’ve played because I don’t think Ken has figured it out yet.

What was your favorite grade in school and why?  I don’t remember having a favorite.  I enjoyed school all the way through. Two of my best friends today are guys I met on the first day of first grade.
It is cool that you have a band.  Did you play a musical instrument when you were a kid?  What influenced you to be musical?  Music has always been a hobby of mine. I started playing bass in bands at 15 and still love doing it today, although I don’t get the chance to do so very much anymore.
What makes Jericho a family show? Were you surprised that kids like Jericho? I’m not sure I’ve ever thought of Jericho as a family show.  The themes are pretty dark and heavy.  But I guess if a kid plays violent video games and goes to movies, Jericho is fairly light by comparison. Times have certainly changed. I don’t think my parents would have let me watch Jericho.  But now that I’m older I can do I what I want and they can’t stop me so HA!
What is the first thing that you think of when you hear the word "Nuts"?  I think of a lightly salted snack food that’s not only delicious but high in protein. Then I think of Brad and Bob on my deck yelling N-U-T-S over and over again for the ‘Thank You’ video.  That was a fun evening.


Who is your favorite character on Jericho and why? I was a big fan of Johnston Green   Then there’s Gray Anderson and Robert Hawkins – 2 men of mysterious backgrounds who are passionate about the town for very different – and largely unknown – reasons.
Your wife was a smokejumper; do you think you would ever like doing that job? Absolutely not. I’m no thrill seeker.  I’ll let her do the crazy stuff and risk life and limb.  That’s not my thing at all.
Does Bill get an official last name in the second season of Jericho?  Yes. I kind of had one already.  It was on my nametag all during season 1.  They just never said it on screen or typed it in any of the scripts.
If you could say one sentence to the fans what would it be?  It is hard to express how truly impressed and appreciative I am that you all cared enough and were passionate enough to mobilize a movement that did the impossible and brought us back from the grave.

This is a fun game that will be used for trivia on my web site.  I think this is the easy part, because you just have to pick one:-)  You can add comments if you want to:-)
Paper or Plastic? Neither – I take my own bags to the store.
Summer or Winter?  Summer
Hamburger or Hot Dog?  Hot dog
Superman or Batman?  Superman
Roller Coaster or Ferris Wheel? Roller Coaster
Truck or Car?  Car – preferably a hybrid
IPod or MP3Player?  Technically, an iPod is an MP3 Player. But given the choice between iPod and another brand, I’m picking iPod every time.
Country or Rock?  Rock
Dog or Cat?  Cat
Scooby Doo or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?  Scooby Doo (as long as he doesn’t have his annoying nephew Scrappy with him)
Plain or Peanut? Plain
When you are done shooting for the day, do you still feel like your character from Jericho when you are on your way home?  Only when I carpool with Bob.
What is your favorite kind of animal?  Anything that’s not ripping my face off or shedding on my couch.
If you are not filming on one day, on that day do you feel weird because you are not going to be able to play Deputy Bill on that day?  No. I’m the normal me more often than I’m Bill.  But sometimes I’ll run surveillance on a neighbor’s house just to keep my investigative skills sharp.
How old are you?  Old enough to know better.
Do you think that our world will ever become like the world in Jericho?  I certainly hope not. But if it does, I’m moving in with Skeet.

Is there an actor that you would like to act with that you haven't acted with already? 

There are too many to name.
Do you have any children?
I’ve got a young son named Steve.


Thank you Richard for taking the time to answer my questions.

You are awesome!!!:-)

~ Shelby ~

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