Get out and Vote! But first…….Learn!

It’s that time of year and Zac and I are learning a lot about the candidates for President and all of the other candidates and issues being voted on this election!

We may not get to officially vote but our opinions still count and we can help our favorite candidates by learning more about them and talking with our friends and family about why we like certain people.

I don’t want to say who Zac and I are voting for this year (we have kids vote here, so we do get to do an unofficial vote, which is kcool!), but I can say that Zac and I are not agreeing on some of the issues, which is okay, we agree to disagree with each other.

So remember some important things about the election:

1. Learn about a candidate (and not just from the commercials you see on TV, because they are made by the person running against them and are not always true).

2. Respect other people’s right to like someone that you don’t.  Agree to disagree, just like Zac and I do :-)

3. If your parents can take you, go to the Democratic or Republican Headquarters for your area and learn more.  You can also get signs, magnets, buttons, t-shirts and hats to help get the word out about your choice for President, or any other office that is up for election  (some of these things cost money, so again, always go with your parents and ask your mom and dad if they want you to buy these things).

4. Ask your parents to take you to listen to the presidential or other political candidates if they come to your town. 

5. The final thing is to remember that when you are old enough you will be able to vote and officially help choose who represents you in your city, state and country.  Learn now so that you are ready for this when you get older!!

The last last thing is to remind your mom and dad how important it is to vote!!




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