A Jericho4Kids Interview

Bob Stephenson


Bob plays Deputy Jimmy Taylor

On Jericho


Bob is 40 years old and he has been married to his wife Evan for five years.  They have four dogs. Bob Loves baseball and is a big Dodger fan!

  Bob plays my favorite character on Jericho and he is my favorite character in person too!

It was fun to chat with Bob on the phone.  He is a very nice person and I was honored that he took the time to answer some silly and serious questions for me.

Thank you Bob, you are the best!


******Note to all*****Black words are Shelby talking and Blue words are Bob talking, with some help from my Mom in orangeJ



Hi Bob,

In school what was your favorite subject? 

History and Art. What did you like about your favorite subject? I liked making stuff in art and learning about the past in history. What was your favorite grade in school? I think probably first grade was my favorite. Where were you born?

California. Did you hang out with your friends a lot when you were a kid? Yes, I did. What college did you go to?  I went to UC Santa Barbra and I also went to the college of Idaho . I liked it better at the college of Idaho . Did you have a pet when you were a kid? Yes, I had 2 dogs and I had 2 fish for a while but they died. Did you want to be an actor when you were a kid? No, I thought I wanted to be a landscape architect. Did you like nuts when you were a kid? Yeah (both laugh) What was your favorite food when you were a kid?  Oh, that’s a hard one.  I think it was a bologna sandwich with Fritos on it.


What was your favorite kind of animal when you were a kid? I really liked tigers. Tigers and Lions.  Did you ever play an instrument?  Yes, my mom made me play piano.  Did you like playing it? No, I didn’t like it.  I also had to play the trumpet and I didn’t like that one either.  I played the guitar and I really liked it and was in a band in high school. You were in a band? Cool!

What country would you like to visit most?

Hmmm……I would say I would like to go back to England . Would you like to visit troops in Iraq ?

Yes, definitely. Have any of your family members been in any wars?  My grandfather was in

World War 1.  What kind of dog do you think Bailey is?

(laughs) Labrador .  Do you want to know what she really is? Yes. She’s a Welsh Corgi.  We just got a new Labrador , her name is Abby. She’s four years old, someone gave her to us.  Is she a nice dog? She is real nice, she follows me everywhere. Where did you meet your wife Evan?  Somebody introduced us a long time ago at my friend’s house. What year did you meet her? This is almost a mathematical question. (both laugh). I’ve known her for like 16 years so that would be 1992? What state would you like to visit most?  There’s many states I haven’t been to a lot of states. I’d like to visit and not just because of the show, Kansas City , because I hear that is a neat place.  I would like to visit Milwaukee . How do you spell that?  I don’t know. You’ll have to look that one up. Mom, how do you spell Milwaukee ? (Mom responds) Milwaukee .  My mom knew how to spell that.  You better check that spelling, just kidding, your mom is a smart lady.  She is going to be a teacher.  See, she knows what’s going on.  I would also say St. Louis .  I know those are cities, but that is where I would like to visit.

What year did you get married and how long have you been married.  I got married in June of 2002 and have been married for five years.  What state did you marry your wife in?  California.

Have you acted in any other show or movie?  Yes, a lot. I could list them but it would be a little while.

What is your favorite movie that you have seen or acted in?  Can it be a movie I like to watch?  Yes. I have a lot of favorite movies but one of my favorite movies of all times is “Apocalypse Now”.  The other movie I really like is called “The French Connection”.  What was your favorite cartoon or show as a kid?  Oh I watched a lot of TV.  I would say, Oh man, I had a lot of favorite shows, I loved I Love Lucy, I loved the Brady Bunch and I loved The Bob Newhart Show.  My favorite cartoon would be Super Friends.   How long did you live with your parents?  I lived with them until I was 13 1/2.  Why so young?  Because I went to boarding school.  Did you play outside a lot when you were a kid? I played outside a lot lot! Do you have any kids, if not do you want to have kids? No kids and yes I would like to have kids someday. Do you snore? Do your dogs snore?  I do and yes my dogs snore too. (both laugh). Do you have siblings?  I have an older sister.  She is nine years older then me. Do you like popcorn?  Yes, love it with butter and salt. So does my brother. Does your dog know any tricks?No, no tricks. What kind of shoes do you wear?  I like to wear flip flops and tennis shoes. Cool, I like those too! Do you have an ipod or mp3player?  I have an ipod.  What kind of music do you like? I like everything from mellow to heavy metal.  Do you like to read? No, because I am a slow reader.  But I do read. It is important to read.  Yeah, I love to read. Were you ever a Boy Scout? I was a Cub Scout and a Webelo.


Now it is time to talk about JerichoJ


Who is the tallest person in the cast, are any of the girls taller?I think Michael Gaston is the tallest.  Most of the guys in the cast are 6 foot or taller.

Where do you film Jericho ?

We film in Van Nuys , California .

How long does it take to film an episode of Jericho ?

It takes 8 days to film one episode.

What makes Jericho a family show?

It is about coming together and helping each other.

Were you surprised that kids liked Jericho ? Yes.

How many times do you normally cut in a show?

Lots of times.  We work 10 hours a day for 8 days to make a show.

Do you ever accidentally say someone’s real name while you are making a show?

No, only say their real names in real life (laughs).

Has your dog ever been on the set of Jericho ? No.

Have you been in any commercials?  Yes I have.

Has doing this story changed your perspectives about life? It makes you think kind of like that person.  It makes you think a little more about life.

It is cool to work on a show that is so important to people? Yes, very cool.

Did anyone send you nuts during the fight to save Jericho ? (laughs) No.

Is Hawkins as bad in real life as he seems on the show? No, not at all.

What was the one thing about Jericho that attracted you to it most in the first place?

I liked the communal feel of it.

What’s your favorite character besides your own on the show?  I like them all but if I had to pick it would be I like them all but if I had to pick it would be Stanley and MiMi.

What is it like to have to pretend all day that you are living in that kind of event, is it hard not to get so into it? It’s not too hard.

What do you hope happens to Jericho as a town at the end of the story line? That it survives. Me too!

Did you really get to shoot that tank?  And how cool was it?

Actually Richard (who plays Bill) got to drive the tank.  The tank does not really work, the shooting was done by special effects.

Do you spend all day shooting the show and have trouble leaving the storyline behind? No, not too hard to leave behind.

Do you think I am getting annoying………laugh!

(Both laugh) No. Good (both laugh again)

Will you be back in the new episodes?  Yes I will.  Cool, very cool.


Thank you Bob for taking the time to talk with me!  I vote Jimmy Taylor for Sheriff of Jericho !!

~ Shelby ~


**A special thank you to my friends Josalyn, Matthew, Jeffrey, Karina and Shannon for giving me a few extra questions to ask Bob**


**Thank you to Starry, Hawks and my mom, KayT, for all of your help**



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