Fan Questions

Fan questions for April Parker Jones who does an AWESOME job playing

Darcy Hawkins on Jericho! 

Pat would like to know:

Has April given up her day job as secretary yet?

Nope!  Still here!  As a matter of fact I am typing the answers to these questions from my job computer! 
What's it like to be "discovered" ? 

Wow, it’s a dream come true. To be recognized for your talent by others is one of the best feelings in the world. 

How did it feel to pull that gun on Chavez?  Powerful?  Had she ever handled a gun before?  If not, who taught her for the show? 

I felt like a rockin supergirl hero!  Powerful indeed.  The only other time that I handled a gun was the episode where I pulled a gun on Chavez.  I am super horrible with names but there was a gentlemen trained in firearms that showed me the proper way to handle it. He really knew his stuff.  It was a real gun, so everyone on set had to go through a serious safety talk before we began. 
Not a question - but tell her that I was so so happy to see her get to "partner" with Hawkins and be a spy - too cool!  Jericho Girls Rock! 

Jericho Girls most certainly Rock!   
What would she like to see for Darcy in S3?

I would like to see Darcy and Hawkins break out in a killer dance routine.  Something like the mambo or the salsa! 

Julie would like to ask: 

I have a question for her that I'm interested in since I grew up in South Carolina, and she grew up in North Carolina (like Skeet and Carol Barbee):  Where did she grow up in North Carolina?  Did she go to school there?  How did she find her way into acting?

I grew up in Durham, N.C. -  GO TARHEELS!  I graduated from Hillside High School then I attended N.C. Central University for a couple years before moving to NYC to pursue acting.  I found my way into acting when I did my first play at the age of 5.  I continued to do plays at church and school, and it was in college that I was bitten by the acting bug and decided to pursue it professionally.


  April:  You did such a great job playing Darcy, I especially liked the scene where Hawkins told you to not help him and you went ahead and did it anyway and then told him you ignored him.  Is Darcy anything like you in real life?

Well, if you ask my Husband that question, then the answer would be YES.  I do a lot of things even when he tells me not to and I often ignore him.  But it’s only because I love him!  Yes, Darcy is a lot like me.  A loving Mother and Wife who will pull a gun on you if you mess with my family!



All of the questions below are from students at Boca Raton Middle School in Florida. They helped donate money for the magazine ads and the DVDs for the Troops.  They are AWESOME! 

Tegan M.

  1. How do you memorize your lines so quickly?

    A lot of repetition and I sometimes get my 8 year old daughter or my husband to help me go over the lines. 
    2. Do you enjoy talking to your fans/meeting them?

I really do!  One of the best times for me was when Shelby and her brother came to the set.  I felt so much love.  Shelby gave me a tshirt and a card – it meant the world to me.   

 Alyssa D.

1.  What does it take to become an actor?

Well, it’s pretty much like anything else that you want to be successful at.  You will get out if it what you put into it.  I have found that it does, however, take an extra dose of patience and perseverance.  
2.  If you weren't an actor, what job would you do?

I don’t know to be quite honest.  I have worked as a waitress and a secretary.  But I don’t think I would have made either one of those jobs my career. I really don’t know!

Matthew Z.

I want to become an actor and I want to know how it feels being in front of the camera?

It was a bit scary the first time; especially during close ups.  The camera is right in your face and it’s hard not to think about if there is something out of place on your face while delivering your lines. It is much different than being in front a live audience, although practicing in front of an audience is very helpful for on-camera work.


Andrea A. 
1.  What is your favorite thing about Jericho?

There are so many, but I think I mentioned in another interview that it would have to be craft services.  To be able to have food at your disposal around the clock was fantastic! 
2.  Besides your character, who is your favorite character?

Hawkins ofcourse!  Lennie James is not only a wonderful human being, he is a brilliant actor and he brings Hawkins to life in such an amazing way.


Cynthia D. 
1. Why was this popular show canceled, in your opinion?

Good question, Cynthia.  Well, I think that the show was too much for a lot a folks.  It made you think and it portrayed events that could very well happen in our lifetime:  which can be a bit scary. I don’t think the network was ready for that. 
2. If Jericho isn't sold, what experiences did it leave with you?

Wow, if I tried to list them all this answer would go on forever.  I would have to say the best experience that I am left with from this wonderful show is that I was actually a part of a smart, talent-filled, brilliant show called Jericho. 

Jason S. 
1. Where is Jericho filmed at?

The majority of Jericho is filmed at a production studio in Van Nuys, CA.  Can you believe I lived right around the corner?!  So, it would take me about 7 minutes to get to work.  The Richmond Ranch and some of the other scenes that were shot on location at the Disney Ranch. 
2. What was your favorite episode?

I think my favorite episode was from Season 2.  It was the episode that Darcy stole the walkie talkie from Jennings & Rall.  I felt like such a cool spy girl! 


A few more fan questions:

Susan: Are you working on any new projects?

Well, right now I am auditioning and still working part time as a receptionist. I recently shot an episode of Lost and did a voice-over on a new video game called Dead Space.

Tony: It was great seeing you in Lost, do you have any other appearances in Lost this season?

Not as of right now.  But who knows what the future holds!

Hannah: What was your first official acting job?

I guess by official you mean when I actually got paid, right?  Well, in that case it was when I toured with the Chamber Theater Company.  They are out of Boston, MA.  Basically, it was about 8 of us and we traveled to about 25 different states to perform classical theater pieces to middle/high schools.  It was loads of fun!

Zac: Do you consider Hawkins to be the good guy or the bad guy or a little bit of both

Definitely a little bit of both.  But off camera, he is all good!

Thanks again to April Parker Jones for taking the time to answer fan questions! 

April, you are an AWESOME person and friend 

:-)  Shelby :-)