A Jericho4Kids Interview

Brad Beyer

Brad Beyer was born on September 23rd, 1973, thank goodness because he has to be one of the nicest people to know!!! Brad plays Stanley Richmond on Jericho and he is very much like the fun and caring person we see on our favorite show!!! Being cast on Jericho must have been meant for Brad because how cool is it that the first episode shown was on his birthday!!

Thank you to Brad for taking time out of his busy schedule to talk with me! He is the coolest!!!

***Shelby’s words are in black and Brads words are in blue***


First of all hello! Hi. Are you ready? Sure. When you were a kid what do you want to be when you grew up? When I was a kid what did I want to be when I grew up? Ummm….well for the longest time it was a baseball player.  That’s cool.  Then I got to high school and realized that wasn’t gonna happen, because I wasn’t good enough. What was your favorite subject in school? My favorite subject in school was always English. I liked English a lot!  Well that’s good! Do you have any Siblings? I do, I have a little sister.  Does she act? She doesn’t, she’s not an actor, she’s a massage therapist and an esthetician, she gives facials. Did you have any pets when you were a kid?  I did, I actually had a pet ferret.  Do you have any pets now?  No, I don’t, I don’t have any pets.  I wish I did though.  I’d like to get a dog soon.  What kind of dog do you want?  I’d like to get an English Bull dog, hmmm, those were always one of my favorites.  Okay, really quick I want to say that I love soccer and Baseball. Did you play sports when you were a kid?  I did.  I played a lot of sports.  It was kind of like my favorite thing to do.  I played basketball, football and baseball and then I ran track. Oh, well that sounds fun.  What was your favorite color when you were a kid?  Color? Yeah. My favorite color has always been blue, I have always liked it, when I was a kid and now.  Did you keep your room messy or was it clean when you were a kid?  My room has always been messy Shelby. When I was a kid my dad tried very hard to correct it but it just never stuck and I am still messy to this day.  Hey that’s me! Good for you. We should be like in a club for messy people. Did you walk to school or did you ride the bus when you were a kid?  I rode the bus and then my dad drove me sometimes, but I usually rode the bus.  What was your favorite thing to do during summer vacation when you were a kid?  Well, um, I used to like to go to like baseball camp and football camp, I liked to do sports camps in the summer when I was a kid.  And my friend had a lake house in Northern Wisconsin where I grew up and we used to like to go there and go out on the boat and go water skiing and stuff like that, that was fun.
Yeah, once we went to stay with a friend, somewhere in Missouri I think or Illinois, I don’t know for sure, and we went on his boat a lot and the boat had cruise control and there weren’t a lot of houses around so they let me drive in a circle, and it was really fun.  Cool.  Did you like to play video games?  You know I never did like video games Shelby, to be honest with you, I was never a big video game player, I had some friends that did that more than I did, I was always outside goofing around, I never really took to the video games. Okay, what was your favorite book and author of all time? Hmm, that’s a good question. I would have to say that my favorite book and author of all time, there’s a lot, I like Ernest Hemmingway so that would be my favorite author of all time, and favorite book by him is probably The Sun Also Rises.Okay, what is your favorite animal? Favorite animal, hmm, you know my favorite animal has always been a duck. (giggles) Why?  I like ducks (giggles) Why? Why? Yeah.  I don’t know, I’ve just always liked ducks, I like the way they float on the water and walk around, I’ve always liked ducks, I know its weird but I have to say my favorite animal is a duck. What type of music do you like? Well, I like all kinds of music, I’m sort of partial to, I like Jazz, my grandfather was a Jazz musician, so I grew up listening to that, my dad played it all the time when I was a kid, so I like that a lot, I like pop music, I like classical music, I like pretty much everything except for like new country. I don’t like new country too much. I like old country though. Have you ever been to a concert before? Yes I have, I have been to many concerts.  Do you go to your Dad’s a lot? I go to see my mom and dad whenever I can, yeah I like to go home as much as possible to see my parents, cause they live in Wisconsin, so whenever I get the chance to go there I do.  With the concert question, which one did you like the best? My favorite concert that I have ever been to, well, probably the Police, I went and saw the Police over the summer and that was a great concert. If you could be in a band what would you play? If I was going to be in a band I would play the piano. Describe yourself in two sentences?  Describe myself in two sentences? Wow. Let’s see.  two sentences, I would say I’m a……………Come on you gotta know this stuff (laughs) (both laugh) goodness. Let’s see two sentences? Two sentences?? I would say for the most part I’m a nice guy with a bad temper. Okay. That’s one sentence, you can break that up in two I think.(laughs)  Do you have any hobbies? Yes I do actually I like to go to movies, I like to listen to music, I like to take pictures with my camera, I like to………………………………..come on (giggles) (both laugh) I like to travel, sports. Cool!! Who is your favorite actor of all times?  My favorite actor of all time is a guy named Steve McQueen. Who inspired you the most to be an actor?  I think when I was a kid, I saw a movie when I was a kid called Racing with the Moon, that’s with an actor named Shaun Penn, and I have loved that movie and I still watch that movie to this day, I saw it for the first time when I was in fourth grade, and I don’t know, that movie kinda made me want to be an actor.  I would have to say that movie inspired me to be an actor.  What was your first acting job? My first paying acting job was on a soap called the Guiding Light.  Do you have any movies, shows or commercials that you are going to be in anytime soon? Well I was in a movie over the summer called Mr. Woodstock. No specials. But then season two of Jericho that will be coming on soon, in January. Okay, um, did you go to college? I did, I went to college for two years at the University of Minnesota. If you didn’t want to act what would you do?  I would be in the military. That’s cool. Yeah, that’s where I would be, that’s for sure.  If you could pick any character to play in any movie what would it be?
I would want to play another Stanley, a Stanley by a different last name, Stanley Kowalski, in a movie called Street Car Named Desire.Oh that’s cool!!What character on Jericho is most like Brad Beyer? What character on Jericho is most like Brad Beyer??? Yeah. Oh, Stanley Richmond. Who plays the most practical jokes on the set? (laughs)  Richard (laughs) Speight. Which scene in episode one that you were in took the longest to film? I was only in a couple scenes in that first episode Shelby, so the one that took the longest for me to film was the one where I see Jake for the first time. Do you ever feel nervous do to something that is dangerous on Jericho? Yeah, sometimes you get a little nervous, if you know it’s gonna be a little dangerous you’re always as careful as you can be and you’re a little bit nervous, I think that’s pretty natural. Did you get special training before you could work with guns? Yeah we have a person on set that shows us how to handle the gun and how to use it so that everyone is safe.  That’s good! Yeah. If you could do any job on the set for a day what would it be? Director. Why would you pick that? Just because I think it would be a really fun job, I like to work with actors and sort of guide them and see what direction the scene takes and sort of ya know, I think that’s an interesting job and something I would like to do at some point. I think that would probably be a cool job too.  Yeah I think so. If you could pick any character to play on Jericho besides Stanley who would it be and why? I think that I would choose to play Lennie James character, and that’s the character of Robert Hawkins. Because I think his character is the most mysterious and has a lot going on and I think that would be a really fun, very fun character to play. Did you originally try out for the role of Stanley on Jericho?  No Shelby I didn’t. I was actually out of town when they were trying to find that person to play Stanley and Mary sent over my tape with all of my different parts on it and they hired me from my tape. Wow!  Yeah! Do you like filming outside or inside?  I like both equally. Hmmm.  I have heard rumors that Skeet jumps rope between takes and that Lennie sings, what do you do in between takes? Well Skeet jumps rope between takes when he has to look like he was running or winded, usually you can see me in between takes eating cake (lots of laughing and giggling). The food was good when I was on the set, I am sure it still is.  Yeah very good food. What do you hope happens to the town of Jericho when the show finally ends in season 25? Oh wow, that’s a good question.  Well I hope that Stanley and Mimi are growing into their old age gracefully, and that their children are healthy and continuing and everyone elses children, Jake’s children and Eric Greene’s children, all sort of carry on the legacy of Jericho and sort of hang in there and make a better life for themselves. That’s good. Yeah. Do you think the fans will be surprised by the new episodes? Does Stanley change a lot? Stanley changes a lot in this season. I can’t tell you too much about it because it’s kind of secret, but a lot of things happen to Stanley in season 2. And do you think the fans will be surprised by the new episodes?  Absolutely, I think they are going to be surprised and I think they are going to be really happy with how good they are. Do you ever have trouble walking away from the character you play into real life? No,not at all. What makes Jericho a family show? Well I think it’s the kind of show where it sort of represents all sorts of different people in real life situations and I think people, especially families can relate to it, and I think it’s a good show for that.  Well that’s pretty good. Yeah. Were you surprised that kids like Jericho?  Well, I don’t know, it’s not really that surprising, I think it’s a show that kids and adults can relate to, I don’t know if I am that surprised but I am glad.  Well that’s awesome!
If you could say one sentence to the fans what would it be?  I would just want to say thank you very much for all of your support.

This is a really fun game that I like to play and it is really fun and easy.  I am going to say blank or blank and you’ll say what you like better.









And last of all, I had one more, I just thought of it, oh yeah


And that’s the end of our game today (laughs)

Have you visited the Jericho4Kids web site? I haven’t no, I just got back from Paris.  I will for sure.  How long have you been in Paris? I was in Paris for a week.  What was it like there? It’s really nice, it was very beautiful, very nice city. It sounds very nice.  I have heard a lot of stories about it, it sounds like a very peaceful and a nice country there.  Yeah I know, it’s very cool, I think you would like it a lot.

Thank you for spending the time with me on the set.  Oh yeah you’re welcome it was great to have you. And for talking with me today. Sure no problem Shelby it was my pleasure. Stanley is one of my favorite characters on the show. Oh I’m very glad, thank you for saying that! and you are very nice too!


All I can say is that Brad rocks!  He is the nicest and coolest to talk to and I want to say thank you a million times to him for answering my questions!!

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