A Jericho4Kids Interview
Alicia Coppola

Alicia Coppola is the coolest!  She does a great job playing Mimi on Jericho!! 
A big thank you to Alicia for taking the time to answer a few questions, especially more chicken questions!!:-) You are the best!

Tell me about where you grew up?  Was it anything like the town of Jericho?
I grew up in Huntington, NY. It is a very beautiful town on the water, with a city feel in the suburbs...It was nothing like Jericho.

What food did you absolutely positively not like when you were a kid and do you like it now?
Brussel Sprouts and I dislike them now too...
What was your favorite game when you are a kid?
Playing 'Charlie's Angels" with  my friends... I was always Jacklynn Smith!

What was your favorite TV show as a kid and Cartoon?
Charlies Angel's, Donnie and Marie, Love Boat and Fantasy Island...I was not that interested in Cartoons.

Do you have any pets?  What is your favorite animal (is it a chicken lol:-)
We have a dog named Maddie, a cat Named Ralphie and a fish named Ella. I really love all animals...don't really have a favorite.

Did you want to be an actress when you were a kid?
I think when I was very young I did. I recall putiing on shows for my grandmother and her friends. But as I got older and went to school, I found I really enjoyed academia, so my interest became that...I like to read, I like doing research so for me that translated into becoming a lawyer, which I obviously did not become...

What was your first acting experience? Was it when you were a kid or after you grew up? Did you take acting lessons? 
I was taking my LSAT's in college and auditioned for Remote Control on MTV...I got the role, realized how happy it made me and started to pursue acting and put my plans of going to Law School on hold...

In real life do you like living in the country or the city? and why?
I love both: cities for the culture, sophistication, architecture, and energy and the country for it's peace and calm, for the beauty of it's nature.

What is it like being a mom and working on a TV show, is it hard to do both?
I don't like the term "working mom" because all mothers work hard. I am a mother who works outside the home. I love my work and I love being a mother, both jobs require a ton of energy and work. Doing both at the same time requires a lot of delicate balancing. Some days are harder than others, but everyday is a blessing.

Is it harder to do TV or to make a movie? Which one gives you more time with your family?
This is a hard question to answer because it all depends on the project. Since Jericho shoots here in LA, I am able to stay here at home and be with my family.

Have you ever been to another Country?  Did you like it?
Yes and I loved it.
If you could pick any movie ever made that you could star in for a remake of that movie, what would it be?
All About Eve.
Your brother is a producer, have you ever thought about producing movies or tv shows instead of playing a part in them? or doing both?
I have thought about it and it does interest me. Some day...

You are known for the chicken scene, that is one of my favorites, but I also like the time when Mimi lost all of her papers and they blew all over, what a mess!:-)  Do you think that scene had a message to it? 
The scenes' message lives in it's interpretation...what did it make you feel? Think?

What was it like working with the chicken?  Was the chicken specially trained to act?  Were you scared or not scared of it?  and don't forget to say that "No chickens were hurt during that scene"

:-) lol
It was a a lot of fun. It was indeed a trained chicken and I was not afraid of it.

Brad is so cool.  It was awesome to talk to him on the set and he was soooo nice to each lunch with my family.  Do you think in real life he is like the character he plays (Stanley) and in what ways?
Brad is a very talented actor and a wonderful man. I adore him. 
What do you hope happens with your character at the end of the Jericho story, after season 25?
I cannot look that far ahead...on Jericho we live day to day... a nice way to live.

During the scenes when you are wearing winter clothes was it really cold outside or were you acting like it was cold???
That depends on the scene... in some scenes we had to act cold and in other's it really was cold.

Who laughs the most during filming so that you have to do another take? Can you give me an example?
We all laugh...we have a great deal of fun on set!
Who is the tallest girl in the cast? I think Ashley and I are the same height...5'9.

I love boots.  It seems like everyone wears boots on Jericho.  I was wondering if you know why they wear them so much?
You would have to ask the Costume Designer this question.
I love weddings!  I have been a flower girl twice! In the new episodes, do we get to see a wedding?
Stay Tuned... 

I like Shoshannah Stern a lot!  She is very kcool and makes me want to work harder for my goals.  Did you learn sign language to work with her? In any scenes that we had together that required signing, Ramone, who is Shoshana's translater would work with me...

 Which season one episode of Jericho is your very favorite and why?
I love them all...

 Are you in a lot of the new episodes? 
I am fortunate that I am in all of them.

 If you could pick one actor to come play a new part on Jericho who would it be and why? 

 When do you hope to see Jericho back on the air? I think January would be cool!!!!!
I will be happy whenever we have an air date.

 Do you consider Jericho a family show and why?
It is a show that asks questions, it raises topics that I think inspires conversation. In this respect, Jericho brings people together. 
Were you surprised that young people like me like Jericho?
No. I think jericho is a show for everyone, except very young children. I think young people can learn from it...
If you could say one sentence to the fans what would it be?
Thankyou very much for all you have done in bringing Jericho back, I am very grateful to all of you.
  Do you know anybody named Shelby?
Do you think I have asked enough questions? lol
  This is fun and it goes fast.......and it is sooooooo easy.........all you have to do is choose one:-)

Paper or Plastic? **Plastic**

Dentist or Doctor? **Doctor**

Winter or Summer? **Winter **

Cat or Mouse? **Winter **

Thanksgiving or Valentines day? **Thanksgiving**

Peanut Butter or Jelly? **Both...**

Outside or Inside? **Inside**

Earrings or Necklace? **Necklace**

Long hair or Short hair? ** Long hair**

St. Louis or Kansas City? **Kansas City**

Marina Del Rey or Venice Beach? **Venice Beach**

Spaghetti or Meatballs? **Both..what is one without the other**

Flips Flops or Tennis Shoes? **Tennis Shoes**

4th Grade or 6th grade? **Neither...**

Cable or Dish? **Dish**

Laptop or Regular computer? **Regular computer**

IRS or FBI (lol) **IRS **

Thank you so much for taking my questions and answering them!  We love Mimi and you play her so well!!!!  Tell your little girl hi for me and hope she has a great Halloween!!!!:-) 

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~ Shelby ~


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