DVDs for the Troops 2

With the support of the Staten Island Project Homefront (SIPH), JerichoRangers4OurTroops.com, JerichoNet2 and Jericho4Kids launch DVDs for the Troops 2 Campaign.

This is really exciting and something everyone can participate in to support troops deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. As you recall, the first DVDs for the Troops effort was a huge success. Over $3,500 was donated for the purchase 100 Jericho Season 1 DVD sets that were shipped through the SIPH to various troop units in Iraq and Afghanistan.

JerichoNet2 organized a deal with amazon.com and the SIPH for this specific effort. All donations or DVD purchases will be made through Amazon.com. However, there are specific instructions due to donations being “pooled” that MUST be followed. “Pooled” donations will be used to buy DVD sets on June 17th and then shipped to SIPH. Direct DVD purchases will be shipped to the SIPH on the release date. To find out how to donate, please visit

www.jerichorangers4ourtroops.com or www.jerichonet2.com.

Jericho4kids is working up something very special in support of this effort.

Visit www.jericho4kids.com to learn more.

To read blogs/articles about this effort, visit



Jericho4Kids announces Shelby's Fantastic Terrifically Awesome Great Giveaway!! 

In conjunction with the Jerichorangers4ourtroops.com web site launch of DVDs for the Troops 2,  

Jericho4Kids will be holding a special drawing of cast and crew autographs.  Every person that donates to the DVDs for the Troops 2 effort will be entered for a chance to win one of many autographs. 

*Last year six autographs were raffled.  We are pleased to announce that this year there will be a minimum of 40 autographs available for the drawing. One entry per person.  All persons directly affiliated with the DVDS for the Troops 2 effort are ineligible for the drawing.*